Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bring It On Home To Me

My husband, Robert, and I met the end of my Freshman year of high school. It was a tricky situation because his best friend and I had just recently broken up. One day, I was at my best friend Haley's house, and my ex-boyfriend and Robert rode up on ATV's with no shirts on. Lets just say it was love at first sight. We secretly exchanged numbers and emails and talked for days. Finally, Robert asked me to be his girlfriend! A few days later we went on our first "date". Now, we live in a small, country town, and teenagers can always be found swimming at The Wall or The Pipe. So what do you know, we ended up swimming in canals on our first date. On our way home, we were packed in a tiny truck, driving down back roads, listening to country music and singing at the top of our lungs. Then Bring it On Home by Little Big Town started playing. We both knew all the words, and looked at each other with the "this is our song" look. From that day on Bring it on Home has been "our song", and has connected us to our past,present, and future every time we hear it on the radio.

Mrs. Miranda Jean Castaneda

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