Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cherish Every Moment.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Our baby Cali Jean had to get stitches..
She has had a ROUGH day today, let me tell you..
After class I took her to the doggy park to get all her energy out,
It was just her and two other dogs there and they weren't really playing with each other that much.
Cali kept to herself most of the time..untill she decided to bolt off running!
And as she took off so did another and they collided into each other!
At first I thought it was funny because she always runs into things..
doors, walls, counters, people...everything!
but today she got really hurt and busted her eye on the other dogs collar!
She had about a two inch cut on the corner of her eye, and it was seriously pretty deep.
I called one of my friends who used to work at a vet and she said to take her to the vet!
So I called the vet and they said to bring her right in just in case.
Well turns out she had to be sedated and got 3 stitches on her eye..
My poor baby she was in so much pain, she just sat next to me and cuddled while we waited for the vet.
She was so helpless!
Now she is doing much better..when we first got her home she was still woosy and really clumsy.
She did eat and drink a little bit and has been napping all evening!
Ahhh the joys of dog mommy hood haha!
Mrs. Cass

Friday, March 12, 2010

Great Newwws!

I have two very exciting things to announce today!
First I won the give- a-way @ Lovely Yellow Ribbons
I am sooo excited about it, I love all of her stuff and have been dying for one of her prints!
Seriously, go check her out:)

Secondly, I for sure have a job this summer!
...as a lifeguard!
I have been lifeguarding since I was 15 and absolutely love it!
I had seen posters around post and my hubby brought one home last week.
I finally called today and the guy was awesome!
I get to start my training early....next week!
and I get to do it all for free!!
I am even going to get recertified as a WSI so I can teach kids how to swim.
I know this might sound cheesy but lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons is what makes summer, summer for me! I have been swimming since I was 4 years old and I absolutely love the water!
And to top it all off, I'll be getting paid at least 10 dollars an hour!!
I thought I would be getting minimum wage so I was totally shocked!
I cannot wait to start training and working with all the lil kids!
This totally made my day, and will make my hubby's day since he won't have to pay for my forever 21 shopping trips anymore!! Yayy!

I was nicknamed mama duck!

Mrs. Cass

I am back!

I had a wonderful surprise trip to CA! This past Tues was my mom's birthday, and I flew in to surprise her at her surprise bday party on Saturday!! My dad and I had been planning it since January, and I had to keep it a secret all this time! It was so hard because I am the worst at keeping secrets like this!

My mom and I talk all the time, and the day before I left she called a million times! Each one I kept getting closer to telling her..even my hubby almost let it slip that I was coming on the next day!! The plane ride there seemed like forever because I was so excited..at each delay I would text my dad and sister asking if my mom knew what was going on. My dad had to play sick so that he could set up for the party while my mom was away shopping and getting pedicures!

The craziest thing was though, was that we ALMOST got caught!! My aunt and uncle picked me up from the SD airport, and when we got into town we had to make a quick stop at vons for drinks. Well turns out my  mom and her friend were in vons at starbucks at the same time we were! When we were leaving an old friend of mine told us my mom was in the store!Luckily we were on different sides of the store or we would have been caught!! As we were pulling away I saw her and her friend walking out and my aunt made me duck! I couldn't believe she didn't see us!

The surprise party was awesome! My dad did such a great job at preparing everything. When she walked in she was brought to tears..I was hidden behind a chair and when I finally got up she didn't realize it was me and kept going around giving hugs..when she looked back though she screamed and started crying more! It was such a special moment!! I will post pictures later!

Besides the surprise party I had a great stay at home. It was very relaxing and I was able to spend a lot of time with my brother in sister! I sure am glad to be back in NC though..I missed my Cali Jean and my hubby soo soo much!

Mrs Cass

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So just a lil heads up...pms and I are not good friends. Pms takes advantage of my sweet, innocent self, and turns me into a monster.

Which is probably why I am so aggrivated right now. Have any of you noticed that the media just totally promotes cheating, divorce, etc. It's like I cannot get a way from it at all! I wake up in the morning and listen to my favorite talk show, and the people calling in are 9/10 times likely to be divorced..some on their 2nd or 3rd marriage!Then when I come home from school, I turn the television on and instantly see people cheating on their significant others and it just makes me sick!  It's even in songs!! " I'm ready to sign them papers" ugggh it's just so annoying.

Here I am trying to live a happy marraige, and I'm surrounded by people who are cheating and getting divorces. I know there are cases where divorce is necessary but it just seems like people are getting married just because and then disposing of it like it is trash. For instance, the military base I am living on now is known for having one of the worst divorce rates. Men and women talk about cheating like it's nothing, and aren't ashamed about it at all! I question my husband all the time..how can he respect his superiors when he knows they've cheated on their wives.. I would have such a hard time with that!...probably why I am not in the army haha. But anyways, what I'm saying is I wish that marraige hadn't turned into such a disposable thing. I cherish my marraige with everything in my body, and would not for one second ever think of cheating on my husband. Thankfully, we have parents to look up to who have healthy, long lasting marraiges.. and also there are quite a few bloggers that inspire me because their marraiges are so beautiful. It is success stories I want to hear about not disgusting people who are cheating on their spouses. Sorry if this offends anyone but it's the truth, well in my opinion it is!

On a more positive note, I got an A on my Bio Exam....way better than my last score! A days of studying paid off and I am so proud:)

Mrs. Cass

Monday, March 1, 2010

Too Faced

If you don't know so already, Too Faced is a cosmetics line that I have so fallen in love with. I have only tried one of their products, but was sold with just one try. I thought I'd share it with everyone since I love it that much! It is the Natural Eye Pallette.
When I first got into make-up I went wild with Mac eye shadows. I would buy bright blues,greens, and all the crazy colors. Now I am into the more natural look, and with this little box I have found everything in one!It comes with little instructional aids, but I ditched those and mix and match! All of the colors blend easily and are so pretty! I would recommend it to anyone going for the more natural look.

Too Faced even has the Smoky Eye kit, which I am eager to try! I love make-up and wish I was able to buy more of it because I love trying new things and feeling pretty!

Do any of you have any make-up products that are to die for? If so I would love to hear about them!

Mrs. Cass

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Awesome Give-a-Way!

Is doing an awesome give a way over at her blog.
I love her creativeness and her Keep Calm prints are awesome!
"Keep Calm and Soldier On"
So go check it out:)

Only a few more days and my hubby will be home to me:)
I cannot wait to see him at his graduation!
This weekend went by super fast, and was full of fun, sickness, and studying!
I had fun at girls night, yet everyone except me had tummy aches after dinner:(
Then the next night at Katie's bday I was the one with the tummy ache..
NO fun at all:(
But I still had a blast celebrating her birthday!
Today I took Cali Jean to the doggy park again.
We met up with Katie and Meredith and their pups.
A puppy reunion! I loved watching them run wild!
The rest of the day was spent studying..huge Bio exam tomorrow so wish me luck!
Have a great night everyone, and hope you have an awesome Monday!

Mrs. Cass