Friday, March 12, 2010

I am back!

I had a wonderful surprise trip to CA! This past Tues was my mom's birthday, and I flew in to surprise her at her surprise bday party on Saturday!! My dad and I had been planning it since January, and I had to keep it a secret all this time! It was so hard because I am the worst at keeping secrets like this!

My mom and I talk all the time, and the day before I left she called a million times! Each one I kept getting closer to telling her..even my hubby almost let it slip that I was coming on the next day!! The plane ride there seemed like forever because I was so each delay I would text my dad and sister asking if my mom knew what was going on. My dad had to play sick so that he could set up for the party while my mom was away shopping and getting pedicures!

The craziest thing was though, was that we ALMOST got caught!! My aunt and uncle picked me up from the SD airport, and when we got into town we had to make a quick stop at vons for drinks. Well turns out my  mom and her friend were in vons at starbucks at the same time we were! When we were leaving an old friend of mine told us my mom was in the store!Luckily we were on different sides of the store or we would have been caught!! As we were pulling away I saw her and her friend walking out and my aunt made me duck! I couldn't believe she didn't see us!

The surprise party was awesome! My dad did such a great job at preparing everything. When she walked in she was brought to tears..I was hidden behind a chair and when I finally got up she didn't realize it was me and kept going around giving hugs..when she looked back though she screamed and started crying more! It was such a special moment!! I will post pictures later!

Besides the surprise party I had a great stay at home. It was very relaxing and I was able to spend a lot of time with my brother in sister! I sure am glad to be back in NC though..I missed my Cali Jean and my hubby soo soo much!

Mrs Cass


  1. What a fantastic birthday surprise for your mom! Nice work by you and your dad! :)

  2. Aw thats so awesome I LOVE that I bet she really enjoyed that I've always wanted a surprise party but I haven't got one yet lol..Glad you had a safe trip girle..Your dads so sweet...

  3. What an awesome trip! I'm sure your mom will remember it forever :)

  4. That's so sweet! I love good surprises!