Monday, March 15, 2010


Our baby Cali Jean had to get stitches..
She has had a ROUGH day today, let me tell you..
After class I took her to the doggy park to get all her energy out,
It was just her and two other dogs there and they weren't really playing with each other that much.
Cali kept to herself most of the time..untill she decided to bolt off running!
And as she took off so did another and they collided into each other!
At first I thought it was funny because she always runs into things..
doors, walls, counters, people...everything!
but today she got really hurt and busted her eye on the other dogs collar!
She had about a two inch cut on the corner of her eye, and it was seriously pretty deep.
I called one of my friends who used to work at a vet and she said to take her to the vet!
So I called the vet and they said to bring her right in just in case.
Well turns out she had to be sedated and got 3 stitches on her eye..
My poor baby she was in so much pain, she just sat next to me and cuddled while we waited for the vet.
She was so helpless!
Now she is doing much better..when we first got her home she was still woosy and really clumsy.
She did eat and drink a little bit and has been napping all evening!
Ahhh the joys of dog mommy hood haha!
Mrs. Cass


  1. Poor Cali! I'm glad she is doing better! It's definitely scary when they get hurt since they are so helpless.

  2. Ohhh poor baby I hope she feels better soon

  3. Awww... hope she heals quickly!

  4. Poor thing! I bet it was more stressful on you than her! I hope that she mends up quickly!