Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So just a lil heads up...pms and I are not good friends. Pms takes advantage of my sweet, innocent self, and turns me into a monster.

Which is probably why I am so aggrivated right now. Have any of you noticed that the media just totally promotes cheating, divorce, etc. It's like I cannot get a way from it at all! I wake up in the morning and listen to my favorite talk show, and the people calling in are 9/10 times likely to be divorced..some on their 2nd or 3rd marriage!Then when I come home from school, I turn the television on and instantly see people cheating on their significant others and it just makes me sick!  It's even in songs!! " I'm ready to sign them papers" ugggh it's just so annoying.

Here I am trying to live a happy marraige, and I'm surrounded by people who are cheating and getting divorces. I know there are cases where divorce is necessary but it just seems like people are getting married just because and then disposing of it like it is trash. For instance, the military base I am living on now is known for having one of the worst divorce rates. Men and women talk about cheating like it's nothing, and aren't ashamed about it at all! I question my husband all the time..how can he respect his superiors when he knows they've cheated on their wives.. I would have such a hard time with that!...probably why I am not in the army haha. But anyways, what I'm saying is I wish that marraige hadn't turned into such a disposable thing. I cherish my marraige with everything in my body, and would not for one second ever think of cheating on my husband. Thankfully, we have parents to look up to who have healthy, long lasting marraiges.. and also there are quite a few bloggers that inspire me because their marraiges are so beautiful. It is success stories I want to hear about not disgusting people who are cheating on their spouses. Sorry if this offends anyone but it's the truth, well in my opinion it is!

On a more positive note, I got an A on my Bio Exam....way better than my last score! A days of studying paid off and I am so proud:)

Mrs. Cass


  1. Congrats on your exam bud!!

    You know what I've noticed? Every Army post I've been to (which isn't many I should add) has signs all over the outside of them advertising cheap and easy ways to get divorced. Little signs and huge billboards everywhere. It makes me cringe every time I see them!

  2. Great job on your exam! :)

  3. I am glad you did great on your exam. Just be a shining example to those around you. Life in the military must be tough and you are stuck with people who don't always agree with! Hugs from Texas!

  4. I really hate how divorce is everywhere. my parents got divorced almost 5 years ago. It really is horrible. When they got divorced I have only 2 friends with divorced parents. Now almost every one of my friends have divorced parents. I hate it. Why can't people get married because they truly love the other. I HATE it and cheating.!

  5. I totally agree. You know that song "Lips of an Angel"? After it came out, I saw so many girls - most of them teens or maybe just turned 20 - talk about how romantic it was and how it was their "couple song." I wanted to scream, "You know that's about adultery, right????" It's awful, and not something people should joke - or sing -about.

  6. Oh my goodness.. I totally agree with you girl just the other day my hubs was talking to one of his friends who is in the Army he was telling us how he just got a divorce because she caught him seeing someone else REALLY?? My husband and I both Love each other and I really hope where ever we get stationed at that we can find nice couples who carish thier marriage like we do I told Brandon that we dont need to hangout with anyone who is like what your wife don't know wont hurt because people like that want to bring you down to and as long and I'm not getting abused,cheated on or lied to then whatever comes between us we will work it out.


  7. I remember feeling the same way when I first got married. everywhere I looked it made it seem like cheating is something that happens. I have been married ten years now. marriage is hard enough without having such little expectations.

  8. Eew, I agree! I generally hate television because of the way they portray life in general.... there's hardly any shows anymore that show a normal, happy family. Guess that would be boring? But yeah, it's worse with military... especially movies. :(

    Here's to happy marriages!