Sunday, February 28, 2010

Awesome Give-a-Way!

Is doing an awesome give a way over at her blog.
I love her creativeness and her Keep Calm prints are awesome!
"Keep Calm and Soldier On"
So go check it out:)

Only a few more days and my hubby will be home to me:)
I cannot wait to see him at his graduation!
This weekend went by super fast, and was full of fun, sickness, and studying!
I had fun at girls night, yet everyone except me had tummy aches after dinner:(
Then the next night at Katie's bday I was the one with the tummy ache..
NO fun at all:(
But I still had a blast celebrating her birthday!
Today I took Cali Jean to the doggy park again.
We met up with Katie and Meredith and their pups.
A puppy reunion! I loved watching them run wild!
The rest of the day was spent studying..huge Bio exam tomorrow so wish me luck!
Have a great night everyone, and hope you have an awesome Monday!

Mrs. Cass


  1. I LOVE your "I'll go wherever you will go..." picture on the side! So sweet!

  2. Aw, I'm glad you didn't get sick, too! That's no fun!

    And I'd say "good luck" on the giveaway, except I want to win ;)