Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Making a house a home..

I have spent hour after hour scrolling through pages of houses online, and not only that, the hubby and I spent a whole day driving around town in search of for rent signs. After all of our searching we have seven potential houses! Four of which we are going to look at with a realtor tomorrow! I cannot wait to get a house, not only because we need more space, but so our doggy Cali can have a yard to run in! I dread having to put her in her cage when I leave for school, I want her to be able to roam free and be a dog. It will also give my hubby and I a chance to make something our home. Before he got back from deployment I had to move us into our apartment all by myself, and since we'll be moving into our new house together I'm hoping it'll feel a lot more like home! I cannot wait to plant a garden,have house parties, and run around out back with Cali. It all sounds too perfect!

I am also praying for a safe return to all the soldiers deploying to Haiti, many of whom are close friends of ours. I hope the loved ones they left behind are able to stay strong, and realize it is all for a good cause. The situation in Haiti has made me realize that my husband's job is more than just being an MP. He could deploy on a moments notice when devastating situations like Haiti occur. I'll admit when I first heard my husband had volunteered to go to Haiti I was very upset. I didn't understand how he could so quickly volunteer to leave me and go to another country for three to six months. I had to take a step back and realize that this is his job, and he wouldn't be doing it right if he didn't volunteer in times like this. His volunteering just adds to the list of reasons why I am so proud he is my husband.

Mrs. Cass

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