Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away..

Whenever I wake up in the morning and look outside, I expect it to be nice and sunny..but instead I wake up to a gloomy, rainy day. What a nice way to start my day right? If there is one thing I can say I really hate, it would be the rain. I know we need rain but do we need THIS much of it? Being from California, I usually see rain five days out of the year! What can you possibly like about rain messing up your hair, causing accidents, flooding...oh my list could go on and on! I just can't wait for summer...the beach, tanning, swimming, flip-flops, bikinis, shorts, and sunglasses. I am def counting the days till we make it down to Myrtle Beach, then my rants about the rain will stop, I promise!

Anyways, my hubby and I went and looked at houses yesterday! It was so fun to finally have him home, but I felt guilty about making him drive around all day on his second day off in two weeks! We actually only got to look at the inside of one home because we were stood up by TWO realtors. The one home we did get to look at though was awesome! It is perfect for us and we'll actually be saving three whole dollars on rent!! If we do not find any others we absolutely love it looks like this will be the one. It has a huge backyard for Cali Jean to run around in, a fire place, garden, and a garage for the hubby! Now to start filling out the application...


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