Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bring me Sun Sundays..

Since all I think about is how badly I wish it was summer, I thought this would be fitting to do every Sunday! I am on a continuous hunt for the perfect bikinis for summer, so every Sunday I will post my bikini of the week! Hopefully summer will come quicker if I have a small piece of it to look forward to every Sunday:)

This Sunday's pick...Boho Beach by Raisins...SO cute! I am def. buying this one:)

Anyways...the Grammys were awesome! Lady Antebellum, who happen to be my favorte band EVER, performed my favorite song! Their new album,Need You Now, is a must buy! Taylor Swift's performance with Stevie Nicks was one of my favorites..but Bon Jovi and Jennifer Nettles topped them all! I got goose bumps!!

Since there is a threat of black ice tomorrow I am not risking my life or others on the road to school tomorrow! I can barely walk on the ice outside our apartment, I honestly don't trust myself on the road! So it looks like another day inside with Cali, I am literally going crazy. We have listened to Lady Antebellum's new cd about a million times, and have seen every episode of the Bad Girls Club! But on a positive note I finally finished the novel The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I loved it and I did not want to finish it! Although I am the worst person at summarizing I will give a short recap. The Help is set back in the times of segregation. It intwines three women's point of view throughout the book, Aibleen,Minny, and Ms. Skeeter. Aibileen and Minny happen to be African American "servants", who are constantly mistreated by their white employers. Ms. Skeeter is from a white family, she graduated from college and moved back in with her parents. Her circle of friends have the typical attitude of the time, believing in equal but seperate accomidations for whites and blacks. Ms. Skeeter on the other hand begins to realize that this isn't who she was, and did not agree with how her friends behaved towards their black maids. Remembering her own childhood maid, Skeeter remebers all the good times she had with Constantine and how she became family. Skeeter, being a writer, wanted to write about the good and bad stories the black maids of Jackson, Mississippi. The novel goes on to tell of their struggle to publish a book that would raise quite a few questions in their town. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a good read. Being that it was just recently Martin Luther King Jr. day, the book was a perfect way to reflect on the past and how America has changed for the better..

Mrs. Cass

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