Monday, February 22, 2010

What a Monday..

I hate Monday's but love how today went by sooo fast! I had class till noon..then I was able to come home, catch up on some homework, and be lazy! I even took a nap! I never take naps! After napping my afternoon away I woke up extremely energized and headed to the gym. I am on a role with this gym thing..mission "get fit" before hubby comes home! I've gone everyday since he's been gone and I love it now! I used to dread going to work out..and my hubby would always beg me so he'd have company. Now he'll be so proud that his wifey is willing to work up a sweat!

After the gym I had a volleyball scrimage! I am playing on a league for all wifes/ dependents of the military. My team met up with three other teams and had a blast playing some quick pick up games. The team I'm on gets along so well, and we're constantly laughing and joking around. Not everyone has played before so we just don't take it to seriously. Plus it's just an Army league, we aren't going to nationals or anything! So you think the other teams would be having fun too..right? NO! they were yelling at one another when a ball was dropped, rolling eyes, and one of the girls even sat out because she was so upset. It totally ruins the fun of the game when you start to get attitudes like that! That is why I'm so happy my team is full of fun loving girls who just want to have fun.

Well anyways, I got to talk to my hubby tonight..we're almost one week down..yet it seems like months..oh well I have lots to keep me busy this week! Hope you all had a happy Monday!

Mrs. Cass


  1. Ha, I hate when people take things so seriously. Especially when it's supposed to be for fun!!

  2. As long as you have fun, who cares.! That actually sounds like a lot of fun.! I am glad you had a good Monday.!

  3. Why do people make things that are supposed to be fun so competitive. As long as your team has fun, that is all that matters!

  4. Glad you had such a great day! I can't stand when people get too competitive over pick-up leagues. That's why I loved beer league softball-- if you got mad, you drank a little and didn't care anymore! :)

    I've got the "get fit" goal too, although P doesn't like going to the gym outside work. I'm hoping we'll be able to start going together when he gets back.

  5. I swear some people are wayyy to competitive poor thing I hate teams like that good thing you have an awesome team.

  6. Yesterday flew by!! I loved it! :) It really is sad when people take something like a fun sports league and turn it into a reason to be mean! I'm glad you are on a fun team! :)