Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thank goodness for glucose!

Today has been a very crazy day...of course I started off with my number one blonde moment.. I always forget to shut the gas lid on my car! So I drive around like a goober with my gas lid open for like ever until someone honks and points! I don't know what my problem is but I always forget to shut it!
Then during class my mom called me so I knew it was urgent since she never calls when I'm in school. I ended up getting the worst voicemail I could have hoped for.. My grandpa had just been rushed to the hospital in an ambulence after collapsing at home. We automatically thought it was his heart, but then once he was at the hospital he kept slurring his words and couldn't control his body from moving so we thought it was a stroke. The nurses/drs weren't in the room when his body started moving uncontrollably so my father finally went and got them because he knew something was wrong. They ended up taking his blood pressure and it was at freakin 30!! I mean come on now, they knew he was diabetic so why wasn't that checked before?! They instantly realized he was in diabetic shock and gave him glucose..about 5 minutes later he could talk and was back to his old self.

I'm so glad he's okay but that just aggrivated me that they didn't check that before..If not treated promptly insulin shock could lead to death..ahhh that just makes me want to get my nursing credentials already and get in there.

Well after that stressful event I went to the gym and got it all out..took a bubble bath and am now cuddled in my hubby's sweatshirt:) smells just like him and makes me feel so much better!

Please keep my grandpa in your prayers, he's been having so much trouble with his heart, and now this. I can't hope enough that he will recover and be back to his old self..

Mrs. Cass

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  1. I hope your grandpa is feeling better soon! I'm glad they got it figured out and realized it was diabetic shock and not anything worse.

    You and your family will be in my thoughts!!